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Professor Cliff Rosendahl, whose PhD thesis was on early skin cancer diagnosis, is a general practitioner now practising exclusively in skin cancer surveillance and treatment. Professor Rosendahl combines his research into early diagnosis of skin cancer with FotoFinderTM technology to facilitate diagnosis and management of these conditions at an early stage. Dr Charles Elliott and Dr Mohsen Hassani are both general practitioners with a Master of Medicine (Skin Cancer) degree.

Also practising in skin cancer management are Dr Daniel Bower and Dr Clinton Nash, both general practitioners with formal experience in plastic surgical procedures. Dr Rebecca Hopkins both practice skin cancer management as well as General Practice.

We offer Total Body Photography (TBP) to all patient who choose to have regular skin checks, as it provides a valuable set of baseline images. We recommend TBP for all high-risk patients (previous melanoma or multiple skin cancers, multiple moles, or a strong family history of melanoma.

Total Body Photography available on site
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Professor Cliff Rosendahl

Dr Charles Elliott

Dr Mohsen Hassani

Dr Rebecca Hopkins

Dr Daniel Bower

Dr Clinton Nash

We’re Accepting New Clients

All the consulting skin cancer doctors are accepting new patients. Initial Skin checks are booked for 30 minutes and the doctor will take some time to collect your medical history and family history before a doing a full body skin check using a dermatoscope (hand-held skin microscope) to examine any lesions of  interest.

Please advise at the time of booking the appointment if you have concerns about a specific lesion or have been referred from a Health Professional. Although Professor Rosendahl has routine appointments booked in advance we will do our utmost to ensure all new patients are seen in a timely manner.

Total Body Photography

The Latest Technology In Skin Cancer Identification

Total body photography (TBP) is available at this practice to assist in the detection of very early melanoma. An automated FotoFinderTM (FF) camera system is used to take a series of baseline photographs of your skin which can be referred to at any time in the future if a spot of concern is identified.