Frequently Asked Questions

At Capalaba General Practice consulting doctors offer a combination of mixed billing. Some bulk billing and some private billing. All fees must be paid for at reception after consultation with the Doctor. Patients that hold Medicare Australia cards are eligible to receive a rebate for practice fees which our receptionist process at the time of your appointment.

Consulting Doctor Fees
Level A consultation (Brief) $50.00
Level B consultation (Standard) $84.00
Level C consultation (over 20 minutes) $130.00 – $140.00
Level D consultation (over 40 minutes) $170.00 -$180.00
Level B skin check (Standard) $110.00 – $120.00
Level C skin check (over 20 minutes) $140.00 – $160.00
Level D skin check (over 40 minutes) $185.00 – $200.00

The cost of procedures and operations is additional. A theatre fee is included in the charge for some procedures.  If you want to know the amount of the Medicare rebate for any service, please feel free to ask the receptionist

Bulk billing/discounted fees are available for regular patients of this practice. Please speak with reception for eligibility.

Bulk billing/discounted fees are available to  patients who hold a Pension or Concession card for General Practice appointments. There are fees associated with Skin Cancer Clinics and related surgeries.

We like all our patients to be able to see their regular doctor. All routine appointments and health checks will be booked ahead with your regular GP, this enables continuity of care. However, in the case that you are unwell we will make every effort to book you with your regular GP and if this is not possible we will book you with another one of our lovely doctors.

We aim to confirm all our appointments ahead and offer SMS reminder services. Our doctors are busy but they do understand that sometimes life gets hectic. If you miss an appointment we will endeavour to reschedule your appointment.

Yes, Our doctors preform a lot of different health assessments. When booking your appointment please ask our receptionist about pre-employment assessments so that we can book an appropriate appointment for you.

A ramp suitable for wheelchairs is present at the main entrance. The car park at the entrance of this is reserved for persons with a disability. A wheelchair is available from reception and assistance if required. Should you have any special needs please discuss them with a receptionist or with your doctor.

Yes, your medical records are treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. We have a centralised record system which means all practitioners keep their information in one place. This makes it easier to coordinate your care. Your information will not be released to anyone without your prior written consent.

A consultation with the doctor is required for all prescriptions and referrals. Referrals will not be provided from a phone request. Scripts are provided for an intended period with an intended review date and therefore even it is a regular medication you are required to be reviewed by a doctors to receive a script. In unavoidable circumstances doctors may provide a repeat referral/script however this is done at the doctor’s discretion and may attract a fee. It is illegal to backdate a referral.

The practice receives many phone requests from patients who wish to speak with the doctor. Due to the time involved in handling each call, and the disruption to patient consultations, the nature of phone inquiries must always be discussed with the receptionist first. The receptionist will then communicate with the doctor who will advise of what action is to be taken. Our receptionist are unable to give out results, this is for your safety, and for medico-legal reasons, results will not be given over the phone, unless specifically requested by a doctor.